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奇才arai tasukuによるソロアルバム、遂に完成。


ヴォーカリストとして、ハチスノイト(夢中夢,Magdala)、五阿弥 瑠奈(AJYSYTZ)、千代(köttur)、
CoMa(from US)、藤江 香織(COgeNdshE)という今をときめく豪華メンバーが参加し、
その歌声でarai tasukuの非現実世界に色とりどりの花を咲かせている。
待望のarai tasukuファーストフルアルバム「Sin of Children」


We are very pleased to announce the release of the first solo album by a talented artist Arai Tasuku titled ‘Sin of Children’.
This is his story….
The uneasiness is your memory, the pain is your hope, the love is your despair and the happiness is your catastrophe…
He is letting you be a solitary traveler for going to the dreamland where it will jog your memory of nostalgia.
This is a story of twelve children’s dreams and memories. Electronic and live sound,
wind and stringed instruments, melody and noise are all distortedly mixed together.
But still it sounds fantastic and crazy, also melancholic and dreamy.
His soundscapes are artistic and beautiful, but also childish and innocent.
 "Sin of Children" will recall the memory with illusion and conflict.
You can travel to the heterogeneous world that is magnificent and unsociable.

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label: kilk records
release date: 2014.3.12
JPN price: 2,200 yen(tax excluded)

arai tasuku - Sin of Children  (preview)


01. Al is like the boogeyman / アルバートは夜が好き  (Video)
02. Lizzy's delights / エリザベスの絵の具  (Video)
03. Irma learns to swim / イルマは瞼に包まれて
04. Ed flips the pillow / エドワードは枕をひっくり返す
05. Henry and Viora lost themselves / ヘンリーとヴィオラ
06. Mr.East loves mom / ママに咲いたカーネーション  (Video)
07. Time passing Bell / ベルの時計は壊れない
08. Moon Maniac / ジョンのベッドは水中へ
09. Aileen's unseen things / アイリーンの宝物
10. Drawing in Dreams / ヴァージニアは嗤う
11. Myra's wish on the star / マイラの願い
12. Sin / リチャードのかくれんぼ


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